Peak Level Mastering Medical Industry as a Healthcare Provider

Six Steps to Help Leave the Frustration of Clinical Medicine for a Flexible and Fulfilling Career in Medical Industry. Learn how to easily take your current clinical expertise into a career as a medical sales representative or medical science liaison without getting another degree or looking back.
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On-Demand Digital Product System with Certificate (IMMEDIATE DIGITAL PROGRAM with 100% Guarantee)

All new 7 module course on what's available for you in medical industry, with a roadmap of what you need to do today to prepare for a role in medical industry, and what you need to do before you go into an interview in order to knock it out of the park. Plus, you'll learn come out of the course with a keen understanding of what medical industry as a medical science liaison or medical sales representative is about, how you can confidently represent a medical product and what you need to know prior to walking in for your first role to add value to your company and your customers.
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  • Module 1: Medical Industry Insider Info and Mindset 
  • Module 2: Benefits and Job Descriptions for You 
  • Module 3: Networking to the Max
  • Module 4: Resume and Application Tips and Tricks for Medical Industry
  • Module 5: Mastering the Lengthy Medical Industry Interview Process
  • Module 6: How You Can Sell without Selling Out
  • Module 7: Confidently Making the Most of your Medical Industry Career on Day 1

LIVE Q&A Sessions as available

  • Watch and participate live with Rachel or have access to the replay for the lifetime of your class (at least 2 years)
  • Connect with like-minded providers to help encourage each other along the way


● Private Facebook Group Masterclasses With Rachel Jurgenson, MS, PA-C

Go deeper with group laser coaching from Rachel to overcome hurdles, get your questions answered and be empowered to confidently go into your first medical industry position.
Rachel has been a physician assistant for 25 years and has spent the last 9 years in medical industry as a proven sales and leadership award winner. She helps frustrated medical providers make the transition to a fun, fulfilled, and meaningful career as medical sales representatives, clinical specialists, and medical science liaisons. 

● TEN -45 Minute PRIVATE Training Sessions with Rachel 

Join Rachel on a 1:1 calls during and after the course to determine what individual areas of focus you need to move to the next level in your career.  Get laser focused coaching on crafting your personal story and messaging so you present the best version of yourself for every application, business presentation, and interview. Get specific recommendations on negotiating job offers and specific must-dos for your career. Email at Rachel@1patientatatime to set up your sessions 24 hours in advance. 

Step by Step Worksheets with ACTION steps to actively move toward the results you want

A step-by-step plan with worksheets for many of the sessions within the module to help organize you along your medical industry role journey.


Leveling up with LinkedIn
In this private FB group training, we will complete a step-by-step LinkedIn specific update to help you network and make yourself available to the Medical Industry FREE!
Presentations for Interviews
In this special two bonus section, starting with a CANVA tutorial, you will learn how to do a presentation with a sales aid for your interviews or a clinical presentation for a Medical Science Liaison role.  This is a must for just about all medical industry roles out there and you will learn what techniques and research you need and how to confidently present to get the job! FREE
Sales with Kimberly Staley, MBA
Get a complete overview of how to sell confidently. FREE

  • Canva Tutorial
Learn how easy it is to update your resume and create a custom business presentation for each interview you go through. 


$1697 USD 








100% Guarantee:

if I were investing in this 9 years ago when I went into industry, I'd be looking for this part too. I get you!

You aren't afraid to invest in you....You spent how much on schooling thus far? 

So here's why you can place your confidence in a money-back guarantee and set any enrollment nerves aside. 

By the end of the 30 days, you will have received access to four modules of the course and lots of pdf's, action steps, and group coaching to get you a clear foundation of building your confidence in your candidacy for the right positions within medical industry and a know-how to connect it all together. 

While I cannot promise you a job in industry as a medical sales rep or medical science liaison, I do promise to give you the tools I have used and implemented to help myself and others be successful in industry. I also currently use these skills within my current role with the sales reps I work with to help them be successful in a huge medical company. 

If you don't feel totally confident that you can learn and implement these skills to work on getting a job in medical industry, I will refund your money back as long as you get it in writing to me within 30 days.

This course won't work if you don't put in the work. But if for some reason you aren't confident that implementing these steps will not help you in your journey within the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund.

***You must also add Rachel Jurgenson at to your contact list to make sure you get the emails sent to you and you must keep up with your mastermind username and password.

What do students have to say?

"Rachel! I just got my MSL offer! I obviously wanted to tell you first!"-Kristin

"Thank you so much for all of your help!!"- Stefanie
"I'm grateful I came across you and this course! I can't thank you enough"-Megan

" Thank you again, I got the job!!"-Delaney
"Again THANK YOU, I'm loving your modules by the way!"-James


Who is this for?
Any HCP interested in medical industry. Medical sales, medical device, clinical specialists, and medical science liaison roles.
Is there a refund or guarantee?
Absolutely! If you feel you don't have useful tips to help you get you on your way to pursuing a career in medical industry within the first 14 days, you may request a refund on the Mastermind website and by emailing me at
How long will I have access to the course materials?
The course will be available to you via Mastermind for at least two years from your date of purchase. 
If I buy the course, how do I get access to the trainings? 
You will be given a private Facebook group invitation to our group. The live trainings will be held and recorded here for your viewing. 
Am I guaranteed a job in medical industry?
No, but with this course, when you put in the work, you will have access to many tips, tricks, and practical steps to help you to obtain a job in medical industry and with first steps to be successful in medical industry. Getting a job in medical industry takes persistence. Our goal is to help you go faster and be well prepared for this awesome career. 
Do I have to be a healthcare provider to buy the course?
Although we are not checking licenses at the get go…Yes, for this particular course, it is geared to those who have a background in healthcare and aimed to help providers use their current clinical expertise to transition to a successful and meaningful career in medical industry.
Do I have to be interested in Sales to take this course?
No. The course focuses on many aspects of medical industry. Modules 6 & 7 focus on sales, but the skills can be applied and will be super helpful in any position within industry. 

Is this just a course with lectures?
No, It's so much more. This course has worksheets to help you organize your thoughts around medical industry and focus on the areas that interest you. There are action items at the end of most sessions to help you start taking steps immediately in medical industry to get the career you want. You will definitely get out what you put in. 
How long is the course?
There are over 7 1/2 hours of information and the modules are broken out into sessions. These small sessions will help you take in the information and retain it. In addition, having smaller sessions will help you as you take time to fill out the worksheets and take action on next steps. 
What if I have questions?
If it is app/website related, please contact Mastermind. 
If it is course related, please contact
What do I do with the certificate and why is it important?
The certificate is to celebrate all of your hard work in the course and will be available once you complete the course. It will also help you as you interview and speak to your sincere pursuit of a career in medical industry. Print the certificate out and take it with you on your interview. Upload it in supplemental documents. Add it to your resume. 
What's the best way to complete the course?
It's all up to you. Take your time and go through at your own pace to make it as effective for you as you would like.  For some, it will take you a few days and for others, you may want to take one module a week or a month. It just depends on how fast you want to go. 
What if you update the course?
You will have full access to any updates for at least two years and then as long as the course is available. Hey we appreciate that you bought the course, you might as well have full access and updates!
What am I waiting for?
You are the one that needs to give yourself permission to invest in future you! This course is in nice bite size chunks to help you focus on one area at a time, work on that area and move to the next. You go this and you have a support group in Facebook to encourage you along the way! It's like having a workout partner!
Some of the sessions are locked and I don't have access to them?
That is true. In order to get the certificate for the course, you must complete section 6 completely and then section 7 in order. 

Program Details

Welcome To Mastering Medical Industry as a Healthcare Provider
Available Now
Wanting More In Your Career
Available Now
Why You, Why Now?
Available Now
Your Career Potential in Medical Industry
Available Now

Medical Industry Career Benefits
Available Now
How You Can Add Value To Your Company
Available Now
Types of Jobs for Healthcare Providers in Medical Industry
Available Now
Looking for Jobs in All the Right Places
Available Now

The Importance of Networking
Available Now
Let's get LinkedIn
Available Now
Where To Look For Medical Industry Jobs
Available Now
Recruiters Who Work For You
Available Now
Creating Connections
Available Now

Tailoring Your Resume for Success
Available Now
Making Applications Easy
Available Now
The Must-Knows About Medical Industry
Available Now
BONUS Session: Canva Tutorial
Available Now

What You Need to Do Before You Walk Into Your Next Interview
Available Now
How To Rock The Interview
Available Now
Must-Do's For After The Interview
Available Now
Bonus: How to Create a Presentation for Your Interview
Available Now

Sales for Medical Industry
Available Now
What You Can Do Today To Set Yourself Up For Sales Success
Available Now
What's In a Sales Territory and Breakdown of Sales Lingo
Available Now
BONUS INTERVIEW Medical Sales with Kim Staley
Available Now

How You Can Be Successful in Sales
Available Now
There's a New Boss in Town
Available Now
What A Great Representative Looks Like
Available Now
Available Now
You've Got The Goods
Available Now

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Rachel Jurgenson

Rachel has been a physician assistant for 25 years. She practiced for 16 years and has been using her clinical expertise in medical sales industry.
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Rachel Jurgenson has been a physician assistant for 25 years. She practiced in private settings and for The Department of Veterans Affairs. She worked in clinical practice for 16 years within the fields of internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, and neurosurgery.  She began working in medical sales industry over nine years ago and has worked for three fortune 500 medical sales companies.  She is the author of the book “Becoming A Purpose-Driven Physician Assistant” and host of The Well-Informed Patient Podcast.”  She is obsessed with helping clinical providers find joy and purpose in their careers and improving their work life balance!
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